* Wet rotor circulator with EC motor
and                         integrated automatic capacity
* Red button technology for very easy operation
* Graphic pump display with rotatable
display                 adjustable from US
units(default) to metric
* Pump communication with IF
(interface)                         module that can be
easily retrofitted: ideal                 external operation
* Motor protection with electronic
overload                         protection (min/max
voltage, max temp,                         dry run, overload)
* Interface connection for extending built
in                         functions, for building automation
(BA)                         systems and external control
* Impeller with three-dimensional
curved                                 blades and rotor can
using carbon                                 fibre compound


* Pre-selectable control modes Δp-c, Δp-v, Δp-T for              
optimum load adjustment
* Pre-selectable speed for constant operation
* Automatic setback operation for additional energy               *
Dual pump operation (master/slave, parallel and stand-by
* Programming via manual "red button" or Wilo IR (infra-red)
* Infra-red interface for wireless data exchange with IR-
* BMS interfaces with optional IF (interface) module
(LONworks and 0-10 Vdc)
easily retrofitted: ideal external operation
* Fault lamp and contact for collective fault signal
* Pump flanges - 2 bolt oval 1 ¼" and 1 ½" – 4 bolt 2" pump
flange – 4 bolt 3" 125 # raised face ANSI

Special features/Product advantages

* Energy efficiency class A
* Up to 80% power saving compared with
constant                    speed circulating pumps
* Maximum efficiency thanks to ECM technology
Soft start high torque permanent magnet rotor

8 Models available –interchangeable with Top S

Smart pump adjusts flow to system changes (Δp-v, Δp-c and Δp-t)

Temperature control for condensing boilers

Auto setback “fuzzy logic”

Non-volatile memory –no battery required

Standard industry flanges 1 ¼”, 1 ½”, 2” & 3”

Cataphoresis coating

Interface modules for 0-10Vdc, LON and external control

Dual pump mode (lead/lag, primary/secondary and back-up)

Infrared service/diagnostic tool available

Power consumption data logging

Ability to lock out red button

Single page start-up manual
Yes we do have the biggest ECM pumps available, and yes we have them in AMERICA.

WILO also has larger sizes operational around the world.  They are currently working on
the conversion to US standards for the even larger sizes but I have to wonder why?  
We have been staging the GIGA B's giving us an even larger operational foot print to
cover even the largest system around.

With ECM we can operate at the design flow and head as well as operate down in the
heads required to utilize the super efficiency of todays boilers, chillers and systems.
You can't operate an AC motor
with a VFD down at the flow and
heads of transitional periods.