Manufacturers Representative
Manufacturers Representative

As long as there is value for everyone in the distribution chain there is an
equal amount of profit available while remaining competitive.

Manufacturer's Representative
Wholesale Distributor
End User


Design and produce efficient, durable, quality, superior and competitive equipment

Manufacturer's Representative

Interest wholesale, contractor, retail buyers and purchasing agents in the design of efficient, durable,
quality, superior and competitive equipment  and to address clients’ questions and concerns.  Provide
engineering support for system design and a complementary line of products.  Address all the End User
concerns with the wholesaler sales representatives to contractors, end users and engineering firms
with training programs.  Assist with other component representatives allowing our stocking wholesalers
to offer the best possible complete
system advantage.

Wholesale Distributor

Provide the trained sales representatives to promote the component and system advantages of energy
savings, maintenance savings, and installation savings to both the contractors, end users and their
purchasing agents or representatives.  Have daily, weekly, monthly contact with all potential customers
spreading renewed knowledge of the services, advantages and products available to both the
contractors and End Users.


Provide the end users the 24 hour support for system repairs, installation and problem solving.

End User

Look for the best value equipment and support for the corporation, this includes lowest operations /
energy cost, installation cost, operation cost, repair cost and down time cost.

Lowest operations / energy cost  --        Highest efficiency component and system available.
Installation Cost                              --        Weigh the difference between low bid and best value.
Operation Cost                                --        Consumables, repairs, down time, energy used.
Repair Cost                                      --        Fix the cause or the problem, defective or application.
Down Time Cost                             --        After hours, non productive employees, waist of manufacture.
End Users can and will utilize their contractors and / or wholesale sales
people for support; then buy direct from the factory or their representative
at a
perceived price advantage.
This only allows the representative to retain a higher profit margin at the
expense of the wholesalers and contractors with no added value.

Is this supporting your competitor?

We promote and sell products of the factories we represent only through
wholesale distribution unlike OUR and YOUR competition.

We represent several manufacturers of complementary products in
Michigan and Northern Ohio.

We are responsible to demonstrate their products and advise clients on
how using these products can reduce cost of operation, installation,
maintenance and increase sales.
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