The systems are factory assembled and tested. The flexibility to use
customer preferred construction materials, and equipment
manufacturers, or offer equipment from our own extensive vendor list.
Offer full responsibility for integrating the equipment into the system,
and provide a turnkey solution.

Flo-Pac purchases both mechanical and electric component equipment
at Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) price levels.

We offer the customer a competitive advantage in the market place by
providing a full service solution.The extensive product database,
engineering experience, and competitive fabrication capability give you
the customers the unique advantage that is imperative to be successful
in a competitive market.

All products offered by Systecore Inc. include factory authorized
startup, Laser alignment  at no extra charge. Actual alignment readings
as recorded by the laser computer and forwarded to the engineer,
contractor and owner for future reference.  There's no chance for the
service tech to determine if close enough is good enough, tolerances
are set for longevity of the bearings and equipment; when the owner
purchases the equipment they should expect the best possible life

We work together with our customers to design, engineer, and
fabricate systems that operate as intended. Flexibility is our hallmark;
which makes us the best choice for truly custom packages, and

Please call for your local wholesaler support and options.