Generating steam centrally gives opportunities for heat recovery and combined heat and power schemes;
reduction in greenhouse gas emissions; and the ability to sequence boilers to give optimum output.

To operate efficiently any system should be regularly maintained. Failure to do this will result in a gradual
deterioration of performance which may well go unnoticed for a long period of time resulting in substantial
energy losses.

With over 90 years experience Spirax Sarco is the world’s leading company in the field of steam system
engineering. We are committed to helping our customers to realize the full potential of their steam systems by
maximizing the efficiency of steam generation and distribution leading to:

Lower energy bills.
Reduced emissions.
Shorter downtime.
Reduced water use.
Lower effluent costs.
Less boiler chemicals.
Increased production.

The steam system assessments are more detailed and take an in-depth look at the steam and condensate
loop. Our objective is to reduce your operational costs through Best Practices steam system management and
highlight any health and safety issues.

Depending on the outcome of the steam trap survey report, or from your own concerns, this could be either a
full steam system assessment or just aspects of the system. Typically the assessment could be broken down
into the boiler house, the distribution system and the end point of use.

The boiler house is the heart of the steam system. By knowing the fuel, water, effluent costs, etc., and the
amount of steam generated, we can make energy saving recommendations and give accurate payback
calculations on equipment installed to achieve these savings.

The steam and condensate distribution system will be inspected to include insulation, identification of steam
leaks and will highlight poor engineering practices. In addition, we will visually inspect and tag key equipment
on the distribution lines, such as, pressure reducing valve stations and control valves, and make
recommendations to maximize condensate return.

An assessment on the process point of use will recommend areas for improvement to ensure steam reaches
your application at the correct pressure and quality. Pressure reducing valves and control valves will be
identified, tagged and inspected.  We will confirm the correct control methods are used and will make
recommendations, if necessary, for the efficient removal of condensate and its return to the boiler house.

Project Management

Once areas of improvement have been identified, Spirax Sarco can offer assistance in maintenance, repair
and installation of turnkey solutions for your steam and condensate system.

We can offer personal consultation to your maintenance teams to ensure that equipment is installed correctly.
Alternatively, we can manage the whole project by employing and supervising approved contractors to do the
work giving you Quality Assurance that the project has been installed to steam Best Practices standards.

By allowing Spirax Sarco trained personnel to carry out, schedule, and supervise your project, many customers
have seen their total project times decreased by over 40%. Saving time and money.

In addition to the above, Spirax Sarco can train your staff on Best Practices practices for steam systems. This
training can be carried out on your own site or at one of our 5 training centers around the country.
The Steam System